I have added a bit more and it’s coming along nicely. The rows are getting longer quickly as the pattern adds 4 stitches every two rows so progress has slowed. I really like how it looks. It has gotten so wide that I have to bunch it up on the needles so it’s hard to get a nice photo, but it is much bigger now:


Brief and opinionated review of Norsk Strikkedesign by Margaretha Finseth, which went back to the library the other night: I really liked the colorwork patterns. I especially liked the “Foolish Virgins” design. It appealed to me more than Kaffe Fassett’s version of the design simply because I avoid intarsia work when possible. Many of the sweaters, however, started off with a chest measurement that is far too wide for me and I did not have enough time with the book to figure whether substituting a thinner yarn could produce a width I can wear. Reacalculating with a different stitch count probably would have ruined how pretty the designs were.