Since I can’t keep showing the same amorphous blue blob of an Icarus Shawl in progress (which, by the way, is almost ready for its border) to my minuscule audience (I think just my husband at this point), here is a shot of this week’s bus knitting:


This is bus knitting from last week and the week before the holiday:


These are now both home projects since there aren’t enough rows left to take them on one more ride. Which means, of course, that I need to come up with something to knit for next week. Socks again? Perhaps a hat? Hmmm.

And here is some more finishing work that has been sitting around:


The little blue shape in the plastic bag is a baby sweater for a friend’s son that just needs its buttons and the green feathers are the trim on something else, photo to come in the future once I’ve finished it.

I also spun two bobbins of singles this week that I will be plying tomorrow or Sunday.  Spinning is lots more fun now that my wheel is back in order. It was practically on its last legs just two weeks ago but thanks to my husband’s keen eye that found its loose spokes and the new drive band he made for me it’s back in business. And he is now spinning on it, too!