Icarus continues. The border requires a bit more concentration than the simple pattern in the main body of the shawl, but it’s still easy to memorize the repeats as I work a row. Despite this, progress on Icarus is much slower now for several reasons. This is of course the catch when working a shawl that casts on with a few stitches and expands: you start out enthusiastically cruising along at Indy 500 speed but after a few inches realize you are practically parked in the current inch. Contributing to the snail’s pace is that I:

1) purl more slowly than I knit — wrong side is purled except for the first and last two stitches of the wrong side rows, and

2) work faster on circulars — I mislaid my size 4 circulars (or perhaps they’re stuck in some other WIP…) so I am stuck using straight needles for this entire project.

It’s so squished up on the needles now that I can’t even tell anymore what it will look like and it keeps threatening to pop off the ends as I complete a row. With any luck I’ll be blocking by the weekend.