Yes, I mean 2006. I came across the photo I took of all of my loot from last February:


Although I am getting bored with my usual bus knitting of garter stitch scarves, I made another one this week:


Pattern: own
Yarn:  1 skein Lana Grossa Viale Print, 100% nylon
Needles: size 9
Size: 3″ x 48″

Why? Because of the photo from Stitches West last year. Last week I took stock of what I had actually used in the almost 1-year period since last Stitches West. I was surprised to see how much I had knitted up since then, considering I keep adding to my stash and using stuff that’s already in the stash. Starting at the top of the photo and going left to right, I read the books but have not used them yet. That white blob turned into my wedding shawl and garters (I made one to toss and one to keep).



Starting in the middle row, I use the little bag for small projects. The off-white cashmere turned into the horseshoe scarf:


The Manos became a hat:


The purple Mountain Colors became part of a hat:


I used up all the sock yarn; 3 pairs for me and 1 for Mr. Mmmyarn. I did not use the round ball of sari silk, the black glittery stuff, or any of that big pile of green wool. The aqua and pink Dune is now a scarf:


Onward to the bottom row: the black yarn and green feathers became the fluffy-topped bag in my January 21 post. I didn’t use any of the Zephyr yet or the white ribbon. One skein of the bright ribbon turned into the scarf at the beginning of this post and one skein of the blue ribbon is another similar scarf.


The 5 skeins of Koigu were a Charlotte’s Web for a glorious 10 days or so, then I unraveled it (it just didn’t look right):


The blue lace yarn is next on my list of major projects and I use the double-pointed needles and leather thingie all the time. All in all, not too bad. I have to think now what else there is to do with ribbon yarn. While I like how ribbon yarn looks in a breezy summer top, I sure am not going to wear it. 100% nylon? Ick! So why do I keep buying it?

I’ve made my shopping list for Stitches West 2007, coming up in just 2 weeks(!). Luckily I’ll only have one full day in the Market. The Danish Skra-Trojer class will fill the other two days I’m there.

I finished the colorful garter stitch scarf on Thursday, which means I had to paw through the stash Thursday night to come up with something to do on Friday bus rides. The dark mohair I fished out is not enough for anything but a scarf. It’s garter stitch again, but I’m including the Cat’s Paws pattern to make it more interesting for me. The question is, is the pattern standing out enough to make the effort worthwhile? 


I’m not so sure I like this idea. The cat’s paws don’t show unless this is up against a light background.  

The Icarus Shawl is damp, stretched, and pinned right now. I blocked it this morning. Damp, rainy weather outside means very slow drying inside, so no photo yet. Plus I want to get a picture outside so it may be a week or two before I can show it off here.

And tomorrow? Tomorrow the Lendrum wheel will take its first trip in its new carrying case, over to the East Bay for a day of spinning with friends. Woohoo! I only hope I can drag myself out of bed early enough as we’ll be out late tonight: Mr. Mmmyarn and I are going to see She Wants Revenge at The Grand.