Spinning Sunday two weeks ago was lots of fun. My friend has a drum carder. I refrained from using it because I was concerned I’d want to acquire another expensive piece of equipment and time-consuming side hobby if I had too much fun with it, but she kindly mixed me up a nice batch of random green wools with sari silk mixed in. She chops the silk with one of those rolling knives quilters use, then blends it with fiber and sends it through the carder. Here is a washed-out shot of it as fiber; it’s really a much nicer green:


I spun it into a short 2-ply strand. Here is the too-dark variant on the green:


Material: wool and sari silk
Quantity: I didn’t weigh it, but it ended up as 1 skein of 2-ply, about 10.5 yards, about worsted weight

I also finished spinning the Kona yarn I worked on off and on during January and February. Here it is as fiber:


And as singles:



And as finished yarn:



Fiber: 80% merino wool, 20% kid mohair
Colorway: Kona
Supplier: Carolina Homespun
Quantity: 8 ounces

The smallest skein is about 75 yards of 10wpi (=worsted), the medium-size one is about 107 yards of 10-11wpi (= worsted), and the largest is about 268(!!) yards of 12wpi (= double knitting). That large skein is the result of having a large plying head and large plying bobbin on the Lendrum wheel. So very cool! I despise tucking in ends when finished with a project, so a larger skein is a boon for me. This is the best spinning I’ve done so far (what a difference good equipment makes) but I learned that I still need to work on being consistent. This stuff is close enough in size that I could alternate skeins while knitting and make something.