Although my stash has grown to about hip height, it is not the right time of year to be thinking yarn diet. In January I thought Wendy over at Wendy Knits had a great idea for 2007, Knit From Your Stash. I did try to apply this rule since the beginning of the year and created several lovely items using yarns that were in my stash (the additional skein of Kid Merino I needed to finish the Icarus Shawl was allowed) but I had lapses, too. Last month I went to Artfibers and they didn’t have enough of what caught my eye, so I ordered (Ordered! How far removed is that from the concept of a yarn diet? It’s not like grabbing a random skein by the cash register) a giant skein of beautiful Ming and this past weekend was Stitches West and I succumbed to the lure of a bunch of lovely wooly beasties. Yes, I went to Stitches West in Santa Clara. How can a knitter live this close to it and not go?

Having re-read Wendy’s guidelines, I feel my purchases in the Market on Friday were justified. She clearly states that her KFYS ends in September, right before Stitches East. Obviously, I can conclude that my KFYS begins in March, after Stitches West. Different coasts, different rules.

More on Stitches West later this week. Properly describing the giddiness takes time, plus I need to wait for the weekend to get a good photo of the loot.