The sock in progress went to the Conservatory of Flowers yesterday:


Humph, I did not notice before I took the picture that the foot is being choked by the strand coming off the ball. I suppose my digital photography skills will improve as I continue taking WIP photos for this blog. Sock #1 is now done and I started sock #2 this morning so it can travel to and fro with me on the bus for the next few days.

The to-be-felted bag went out, too. The bag itself is done and I’m now making the cord for the top:


I also did a bit of spinning this week. This is Mikey’s fleece as unspun fiber:


As singles:


And as finished 2-ply yarn:



Fiber: 100% Peppermint Pastures Pygora, fiber type A, goat’s name is Mikey
Colorway: dark teal
Supplier: Carolina Homespun
Quantity: 1 oz, 48 yards
Finished yarn: 2-ply, about 14 wpi = double knitting

Peppermint Pastures kindly includes the name of the goat that supplied the fiber in the little box. I like the idea of being able to look up a photo of Mikey although I could not find it on PP’s site. Their site as of today is still a bit of a work in progress.

The Wild Fibers Magazine site provides a good description of the differences between type A, B, and C pygora fibers. Mikey’s is a type A fiber, meaning long angora-style locks. While the fiber felt soft against my neck and my wrist, when I was spinning the singles it felt rough between my fingers. Spinning was easy but while plying it cut into my finger more than the merino, merino and silk, and corriedale fibers I’ve spun recently.  The finished yarn is a little coarse and hairy but has a nice sheen.