Knitting progress is slow this week. I have a cold which makes it hard for me to concentrate on a lace pattern. I am about 3/4 of the way through the first Lily of the Valley border strip:


It does not look too great yet, does it? I usually knit with consistent tension and I find this is looking a little uneven.  Perhaps it’s my use of pins instead of wires for the photo.

I have to say the instructions sound a little daunting: more than 90,000 stitches in this pattern. This past week I was able to try out the Addi Turbo lace needles and decided I needed a pair for the remaining 89,500-ish stitches in Lily. The Internet came to the rescue again and my needles are on order. I prefer to shop at my local yarn shops (7!) but no one has these yet. Ugh, wasting valuable tool money on shipping costs.  

Socks are so automatic for me that my latest pair is proceeding at the usual pace despite my having a cold, although I did drop a stitch a few rows before the toe shaping that I did not see until I was nearly finished decreasing the toe. Still, reknitting a short bit of toe is not a big deal and got me through part of another bus ride. The second sock is nearing its heel flap:


And red singles are ready for plying: