That’s a startling title, isn’t it? It’s accurate, though: this post contains photos of spinning and a photo of eggs. Maybe it needs a comma: “Spinning, with Eggs.” Anyway…

We saw some lovely flowers in Golden Gate Park today:


We took a walk in the park so I could get a daylight photo of the red wool I plied Friday night. This roving:


Turned into this:




Fiber: assumed 100% merino wool from the way it handled (the roving had no label)
Supplier: Carolina Homespun
Quantity: 2 ounces, I think
Finished yarn: 1 skein, 2-ply, 337 yards, 18wpi (= sport weight)

The yellow and blue streaks in the roving don’t show as prominently in the finished yarn but they do make for an interesting red. This is the finest yarn I have spun so far; I am trying to work my way down to spinning 2-ply laceweight. This seemed very fine when I spun it but once plied it’s thicker, of course. My spinning skills are definitely improving. Having a good wheel makes a difference.

We also colored Easter eggs today. Mr. Mmmyarn made the orange one in front for me — it’s me, holding knitting needles. 🙂 And on the back he drew a pair of properly symmetrical socks. Isn’t he great?


Is it me, or do the egg colors look a lot like the colors in the socks I posted yesterday? I may need to rename them the “egg socks.”