Or on the pink, rather. The Addi lace needles (with a pink cord to distinguish them from the regular Addi Turbos) finally arrived Monday, and none too soon because Lily of the Valley was ready to proceed beyond the border. I have to say the needles are great! The pointy tip allows me to execute the knit-5-togethers easily.

It is still light out when I get home from work and I had the bright (read: foolish) idea tonight of going up to the roof to get a photo in natural light of Lily in progress.

The roof is painted silver so I thought it would make a nice background. Today is really windy, though, and as soon as I laid my minuscule shawl down the wind grabbed it and blew it a few feet… along with the attached ball of yarn. I dashed after it, quickly since it was headed for the edge, and carefully, too, as our roof has nearly no lip at the edge, making it dangerous both for the knitting and for the knitter. But all was well, except the wind caused a slightly blurry photo and would not let me show off the lace at all. So here is the beginning: