Yesterday evening I pulled out an old friend:


This sweater is my second entry in the WIP Hall of Shame. I started this sweater in 2004 and shoved it in a plastic bag in the closet when we had houseguests… and it stayed in that closet for 6 months. At some point I dug it out of the closet, and since then the bag has made appearances all around the apartment but I haven’t worked on the sweater even though there’s not much left.

I sat there last night trying to decipher my old pattern notes, then banged out a few yoke rounds. I remember it was a fast knit since it is thick wool, so very different from the thin stuff I’m using for Lily of the Valley. I spent maybe a week of evenings swatching and designing it and then only 10 days or so knitting it to the start of the yoke. I am really enjoying the feel of the Icelandic wool in my hands again. It has a lot of lanolin still in it.

You would not believe how many sets of circular needles I found in the plastic bag with the sweater. Apparently I had all kinds of things on separate needles for trying-on purposes at one point. It’s nice to see all these tools again. I think I might have too many (!) size 5 circular needles now (not that you can really ever have too many tools).

Don’t worry; I haven’t neglected Lily of the Valley: