No finished projects this week, but a number of projects are in progress. I did not work on the Icelandic yoke sweater at all but Lily of the Valley is a few inches longer and it is already nearly time to break into the second hank:


It is not as big as I thought it would be. After so many hours of knitting, I figured the sphinx would be much more covered. But blocking usually does wonders, so I will take it on faith that it will be bigger once it’s done. Plus a lot of the shawl is draped over the sphinx’s other side so this photo is not quite representative of all I have done.

I have some reservations now about the yarn I chose to make Lily. It is very light; the slightest breeze scuttles the work in progress along several feet, even with the weight of knitting needles in it. Getting the photo above was not easy in breezy San Francisco. I had to take several shots until the wind finally settled at the exact moment I pushed the camera’s button. To me, this translates into something I may not be able to wear here at all once it’s finished. Sigh. But perhaps I can take it on trips and wear it then.

This week’s bus knitting projects include a baby hat and a double thick striped scarf, both about a third of the way done:



My red cabled sweater is still resting in the bag I stuffed it in about a month ago. I have a strong suspicion that it will not make it to Knit in Public Day on June 9.