Lily of the Valley is creeping slowly (oh, so slowly!) toward completion. Every two rows I get to decrease one stitch on one side. Spread out along the needle, it looks like this:


But if I squish it together, it looks like I should be finished in another row or two. Quarter included for scale:


Seeing it as narrow as a quarter makes me feel like I’m much closer to being done than I actually am. This is some fine yarn I’m using. The finished product will likely fit through my wedding ring. But the project has reached that point where I am mentally finished with it. I swear that I have been slogging away at the last 100-ish stitches for forever and Lily isn’t any closer to being finished than she was the last time I photographed her. So what did I do? I cast on for a log cabin blanket for an animal shelter resident with some more of my stashed acrylic (I know F (focus) + PL (project loyalty) = FO, but there is also something to be said for variety) and spent the week dreaming about a small project or two to make next weekend, when Mr. Mmmyarn and I are going to Las Vegas. Where did I put that Fleece Artist sock yarn I bought in February? 🙂