I found the Fleece Artist yarn, split the skein in half (quite a few knots in there, by the way), and started my first toe-up sock today. Here’s the wee bit of toe I managed to get started on my lunch break after fiddling with the Eastern cast-on for 15 minutes:


The colorway is called Sea Storm. The green and blue are really bright, not that the photo is any indication, and reminds me of a parrot. Here’s how the yarn looked on the swift and wound in a ball:


This toe is going to Las Vegas for the weekend, to return as a finished sock, and perhaps stuffed with winnings. Just kidding. Socks aren’t allowed to gamble, I’m sure. I am gambling, though: I am going to fly blind and design as I go. I certainly have made plenty of cuff-down socks so this will be a fun mind-bender, trying to see the sock from the other direction. I already had moments of should-I-use-left-leaning-or-right-leaning-increases while trying to work the toe, since I had to imagine it on my foot. The handy thing about working them this way is I can put a work in progress on my foot and see it rather than having to imagine it. Of course, I did not think of this before ripping out and starting over. It’s just as well. If I’d gone nuts knitting on the bus ride home I’d have half a foot already, and then what would I do on the airplane tomorrow?

Lily of the Valley is nearly done, but the last bit is complicated because the border rows I’m on do not match up. They’re a few rows off. In the pattern, the borders are worked at the same time as the body as the triangular body narrows. I’ll have to fudge it a bit with short rows to make the borders meet up properly at the corner. This is too much thinking for me the night before a trip and after a glass of wine, so Lily will need to languish on the table until next week sometime.

And May spinning? None. Mr. Mmmyarn has held the wheel hostage for most of the month. Humph. Although before you think anything harsh, he gave me permission to remove his bobbin and put on mine. I just didn’t do it because I don’t like it when someone does that to me.