It was bound to happen.


Four beautiful skeins from Fearless Fibers’ Etsy shop.  From left to right, two skeins of sport weight superwash wool in Kildare and Stargazer, then two skeins of sock weight superwash wool in Chocolate Pink Cherry and Robin’s Egg. The yarns and colors are fabulous and the service likewise. I ordered these late Friday night and the parcel was waiting at my door when I got home from work Monday. 🙂

No worries, I am still knitting from my stash. I am doing the finishing bits on the long striped scarf tonight (4 stash skeins) and started a short sleeve summer sweater last night (another 4 stash skeins). Let’s not get into yards or ounces, though.

I am completely stuck on the Lily of the Valley shawl. I am at the last little bit, right before beginning corner 3, and none of my rows on the charts are matching up with what is in the instructions. The borders and middle look great; no mistakes there. My only thought is that I missed or doubled up on some of the right-side row decreases, but I checked and had a friend check and they look fine. I’m off 8 and 10 rows, respectively, on the two borders. A couple of rows I could fudge, but with that many… I’d have to frog a pretty huge chunk of it to make it look right. I did take the instructions on faith one time through and came up with something completely wrong. So I emailed KnitU and got a helpful email yesterday from someone who has made this thing but I have yet to implement the help.