The felted bag is finally finished. I knitted it back in March and then it sat around, waiting for us to visit my parents. They have a great washer: it can be set for a small amount of water and it has a button for extra agitation. Two rounds through the wash cycle at their house yesterday and this:


became this:


Pattern: own
Yarn: 3 1/3 skeins Noro Kureyon, 100% wool, color 180
Needles: size 10 1/2
Size: after felting: base is 3″ x 9″, top is 10 1/2″ wide when folded at the edges, and 8 1/2″ tall from base to top

I saw a similar style felted bag at a booth at Stitches West this February, then found a nicely-priced mess of Kureyon a few minutes later and decided I needed a striped felted bag. I put in purled “seam” stitches at the fold lines which made the bag fold nicely pre-felting but which do not assist with the folding now, or indeed show up at all.  The base is garter stitch and the sides stockinette. I worked a few inches in garter stitch at the top because I thought it would make the top stronger, but that, too, disappeared in the process. You’ll see a row of eyelet holes in the pre-felting photo. I had mental plans of making this a drawstring top, using all those eyelets, but in practice it made much more sense just to use the four on either side and let the bag be more open. Luckily the eyelets pretty much closed in the felting process. I had to really hunt for the eight holes I needed, then stretch them to make the strap go through. I did not measure the bag before I threw it in the washer but I’d guess it shrank down to about 2/3 its original size.