The Fleece Artist socks are done:


Pattern: own, cuff-down
Yarn: Fleece Artist Nova Socks, 100% merino wool, color: Sea Storm
Needles: size 2
Size: woman’s 9.5

These are the ones that started out as toe-up and I restarted as cuff-down because I was having a hard time with sizing them properly. Well, not that it was hard, but rather I was tired of ripping out and re-knitting bits in order to get the measurements right. I really like how the bright blue and bright green ended up on opposing sides of the foot parts of the socks without my even planning for it (symmetry!).

A few nights ago I wanted to spin again but first had to free up some bobbins, so I plied together three singles of scraps. The spinning books I have read said to always ply two plies together, then add a third. I thought this was total baloney and decided to just ply them all together at once. This worked out great:  


Fiber: 1 single that’s 100% merino wool, 1 that’s a blend of merino and mohair, and 1 that’s a blend of merino and silk
Colorway: red, brown, and blue
Finished yarn: 3-ply, about worsted weight, about 25 yards