I had a productive week. I spun up half of some Spinderella fiber, worked on my purple cotton sweater, and whipped out a bag and hat.

The bag is one I intended to felt, but Mr. Mmmyarn voiced the opinion that it is a great size the way it is. Since I planned for felting I knitted it more loosely than I would have had I wanted to leave it as is. Here’s what it looks like:


Pattern: own. I knitted it on the fly and did not take notes.
Yarn: Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Bulky; 85% wool, 15% mohair; color M-28, Chianti & Trendsetter Yarns Aquarius; 78% nylon, 22% cotton; color 827
Needles: size 10 1/2
Size: 9.25″ at widest point, 8″ tall when lain flat 

The handles are long for leaving it as is as I figured in extra length for shrinkage. I won’t be near a washing machine for a while so I have time to make up my mind. In the meantime, I’ll make a swatch with just the Lamb’s Pride and one with the mix and test-felt them in the sink. It’s a good idea to test it, anyway, considering I have no idea how much the Aquarius will hinder the felting process. Luckily, I grafted the handles, so they’ll be easy to clip and shorten to a proper length if I decide against felting.

The other project this week was a quick hat. I started with my usual 3×3 spiral rib but decided to toss in a second color, creating oblong diamond shapes throughout. I am ridiculously pleased with this as I worked the colors by holding one color in each hand as I learned in the Skra-Trojer class this past February, plus I combined knitting and purling, and — here’s the kicker — the hat stretches to fit over my head! A triumph! Well, it is a little tight for me, but that’s because I have a big head and this is a smaller hat. The fabric itself is wonderfully flexible. I have finally been successful at holding my yarn loosely enough to turn out a stranded project that has give. Perhaps it is time to start swatching one of those two fair isle sweaters I have set aside for me. Here’s the hat:


Pattern: own; cast on 83, 3×3 spiral rib worked in two colors
Yarn: Brown Sheep Nature Spun worsted, 100% wool, in color N93 Latte and N91 Aran
Needles: size 5
Size: Adult small to medium

Tomorrow I’m off to Dixon, California, for Lambtown. I’ve never been. All I know to expect is that it will be too hot for me: 96 degrees is the prediction. Yick. I’ll be the person melting in the shade.