I made two hats this week.

Hat #1:


Pattern: own
Yarn: 100% recycled silk (label says “Recycle Silk Ball,” “hand made in Nepal”)
Needles: size 5
Size: adult medium to large

This started out as a small bag, but I had it squashed up on a 16″ circular needle and never bothered to measure either gauge or the bag itself. I put in yarn over holes about an inch from the top (now the bottom) to leave space for a drawstring and left plenty of yarn to create a twisted cord tie, but when I cast off the bag it seemed rather on the big side. Not at all the little bag I pictured. So I put it on my head and found it was the perfect size for a hat. Frog, frog, frog, back to the yarn over row to remove the holes, then I knitted the end bit again. And this is what I got. I really like the colors in this one. If watch caps didn’t make my head look so weird I’d keep it. This silk is hard on the hands; probably would have been easier if I hadn’t used size 5 needles, but I wanted a tight gauge for the bag… which then turned out very well for the hat. 

Hat #2:


The decreases at the top look interesting:


Pattern: own: K3P3 rib, with knitted stitches in gold and purled stitches in teal
Yarn: Cascade 220, 100% wool, some color 8892 (teal) and some color 7826 (gold)
Needles: size 5
Size: child large

I got such a kick out of the two-color tan and cream hat I made last week that I pictured how one made in stripes might look. I was happily surprised with the result. The little bloops where the teal and gold meet make it interesting. Even though I used the same yarn and needles as I used for the brown and cream hat, this one ended up smaller. I suppose carrying the yarn on every row instead of on half the rows made the hat tighter. On the whole it’s still really flexible, stretchy enough to fit over the balloon I used for a head model, but not as stretchy as the other one.

This week’s bus knitting, when I stand back and look at it, looks like some sort of bra, or model breasts, or perhaps funky Princess Leia buns if I were to connect the pieces with a headband:


Trust me, I’m not making any of those things. Although the idea of knitted Princess Leia buns is kind of tempting. (Remember the Hallowig that knitty.com had a while back?)