Check out this pretty bundle of brown-based roving:


This stuff was fun to spin. The colorway is called Wilderness and is mostly brown but with many colors mixed throughout. While I was spinning it I only really noticed the chunky bloops of different colors. I don’t work in the dark, but the lamp is over on the side somewhere so I don’t always see the subtle color variations in yarn or fiber when I’m in the house. Now that it is plied and the finished yarn went for a walk in the park with me, I can see the many colors streaking all through the yarn, and not just those chunky bits.

While drafting it I noticed lots of lumps, probably caused by the variety of fibers and a result of hand blending all those different fibers. Changes in fiber length and type meant I had to pay a little extra attention while spinning but that’s exactly what kept me interested.  The fiber changes made it challenging and the color changes made it fun.



Fiber: Spinderella’s Creations Thrums containing angelina (the sparkly stuff), wool, mohair, alpaca, and tussah silk (no percentages on the label)
Colorway: Wilderness
Supplier: Carolina Homespun
Quantity: 4 ounces
Finished yarn: 1 skein, 2-ply, 130 yards, ? wpi

This bundle did contain a great deal of vegetable matter. I picked out big chunks of straw and grasses while I spun and while I plied; my wheel’s pedals, my lap and arms, and the rug beneath were covered in smaller bits while I worked — and there’s still some in there. But it’s a beautiful blend and I don’t mind the vegetable bits. They serve as a nice reminder of fiber’s origins. Surprisingly, the angelina stayed put while I spun. I thought it would roam free to turn the living room into an homage to glitter but that didn’t happen.