Today got sucked up in a dye project. Blue jeans are that elusive item I have been hunting for a long time. It seems all that’s out there is either tapered (or its extreme version, “skinny,” which only the truly skinny can wear successfully) or bootcut. Tapered is the kiss of death for me; I don’t look fabulous in boot cut, but it’s the better of the two main options. What to do when retail fails you? I found a tailor who can make me some jeans, and she can shape the legs like they are on this one marvelous pair of summer pants I own, the ones that make folks ask me if I lost weight over the course of a weekend. I went fabric shopping and found the fabric store only had denim in basic indigo. I wanted my denim to be darker, so it took a dip in Rit today:


The Rit label says the dye will be absorbed in 30 to 60 minutes. Piece of cake, I can do that while running a couple of episodes of The Simpsons in the living room.

Two HOURS of constant stirring (and part of Star Wars, too) later, I STILL had this:


Harumph. Mr. MmmYarn suggested I stop and rinse it out anyway. We dyed his black jeans several years ago and he remembers the water remaining black. So I rinsed it out, sent it through the washer and dryer, and now have a lovely dark denim to haul to the tailor’s next week.

The good news: I actually managed to do a neat job and the dye ended up only on the denim and a little bit on my hands. It is not in my hair or on my face, locations anything messy usually ends up. The bad news: I lost most of my knitting time today. 😦