This is the last of the 5 hats I made in the last 10 days, but this one is not for sale. This is a first birthday gift to my niece.


Pattern: “Baby Brunhilde Hat” by Sarah Fama, pattern available from Bella Knitting
Yarn: Karabella Yarns Aurora 8, 100% superwash merino wool, 1 skein color 261? (gray), about 1/3 skein color 575 (yellow), and small bits of off-white and pink
Needles: size 6
Size: I cast 72 stitches to make the larger size, but I did not make it as tall as the pattern indicated

I smiled a lot while making this hat, just having that picture in my head of a little Viking helmet with the braids hanging out, heehee.  I ended up making the hat part shorter because I have seen a few photos of it on kids (the ones I liked best are on The Blue Blog) and it seems to stick up a lot past the kids’ heads. I expect this is the pattern writer’s intent, since a helmet does stick up past one’s head a bit, but I wanted a snugger fit so I made it shorter. In case anyone out there is making this hat: I found the pattern for the little wings to be written oddly. I have enough knitting experience that this did not cause me any problems, but I could see where a beginning knitter could go astray.

Mr. MmmYarn put the hat in the mail on Friday so our niece would have it by her birthday on Monday. We heard from my sister-in-law today: the little recipient is happy to wear the hat, and mom likes the fact that her daughter has long hair when wearing it.

In Myrtle Leaf Shawl news, the writer of a blog I read posted a photo of her completed Myrtle just yesterday. I contacted her, asking whether she found a problem with it and she confirmed my suspicions, mentioning corrections. So I went back on XRX Books’ correction site and found that new corrections for Victorian Lace Today were posted 8/29. I had last checked them about 8/25, before our vacation, and had not bothered to check again even after I saw things went wrong. So, armed with my new chart, I should be able to get this one off and running once again.