Each November, my work hosts an arts and crafts sale for the staff members. There were 16 staff members selling this year, including my friends over at The Kneedler and A Verb for Keeping Warm. I did well: I sold 12 items and have an IOU for a 13th. This is the way I fund my forays into the market at Stitches West every February so it’s good times all around!

I did not sell enough items, however, as the lid to the storage bin in which I store finished items still does not close.

While sitting there behind the table looking at all the stuff spread out for sale, I saw these three scarves and snapped a photo of them together:


They are all made with the same yarn over, knit 2 together pattern but it really struck me how different they look with the different yarns I used. It just goes to show you the endless possibilities of even one simple stitch pattern, when all you do is switch out the materials.

I also designed and finished a small felted bag last week, but I can’t show it here as it’s one I’m hoping to submit for publication. I checked out the rules for publication in a few places and it turns out that while I would keep my copyright, the item can’t be shown on a blog or on a photo sharing site before it’s published, so I need to keep that one mum for now.