My 4-ply spinning is progressing very slowly, so I took a break and spun up one ounce of Type B pygora fiber.

On the niddy-noddy:


And after washing:


Fiber: 100% pygora, Type B fiber, goat: Moonlight
Supplier: Peppermint Pastures
Quantity: 1 ounce
Finished yarn: 1 skein, 2-ply, 87.5 yards, 16 wpi (= sport weight)
Drive ratio: Spun and plied at 12:1

I found this Type B fiber to be softer than the Type A fiber I spun earlier this year. It was very soft and fluffy in the roving, but felt so coarse after I spun it into singles that I was briefly disappointed. Plying it softened it right back up again and I really like the feel, and the very bright orange color.