This week I cleared some remaining merino off a bobbin by plying the singles with cream-colored polyester sewing thread. I like it:


Fiber: 100% merino wool and 100% polyester sewing thread
Colorway: Rose Quartz
Supplier: Carolina Homespun
Finished yarn: 2-ply; one skein at 25 yards

In fact, I think I like this better than the original 2-ply. The wool’s colors show so much more clearly here. I overspun this rather a lot while plying, simply treadling until I liked how much the thread twisted around the wool rather than attempting to create a balanced yarn. Once I skeined it, it twisted and crumpled into itself as though it were plain singles. After I soaked it and weighted it to dry, it settled to being just a little overspun.

Mr. MmmYarn and I made our own ravioli tonight. The leftover pasta dough ended up being little bow ties. Yum!