The holiday festivities are over and it’s back to work for me. Luckily, I will have all of next week off as Mr. MmmYarn and I will ring in 2008 in cozily warm Mexico, hooray! I had my mom try on the two finished socks when we visited my parents over the holidays and they fit her almost exactly:

Socks in progress

They both needed two additional rounds to lengthen them so I unraveled the toe of the striped sock, lengthened the foot, and re-knit the toe. The stitches are on string; I’ll graft later, after all 6 socks are done and she has tried them on. The dark sock is unraveled and awaiting its two rounds and toe.

With a secret project in the works last week, the third sock was pretty much neglected so it wasn’t ready for a fitting. Here it is now, almost at the end of the cuff as I was waiting for the bus this morning:

Socks in progress

I got some more done on it on my two bus rides today.  

The secret project is a felted bag I am submitting to Knitty. This project has been cutting into my knitting time for several weeks now, both with the knitting and with the instruction-writing. And also cutting into my blogfodder, as per the submission rules I may not blog about my item until after it is published. The good news is that I have finished knitting and felting all three of them (original bag, second bag I knitted while writing the instructions, and third one to test the instructions) and can now turn my attention to other projects. Perhaps the purple summer sweater, so I can wear it in Mexico? Hahahaha, excuse me while I laugh myself silly. No way that’s getting done when I still have to peruse a travel book or two and make important travel knitting and wardrobe choices.