Not so much progress, really. It was too hot and humid to knit the first two days we were in Mexico and in general during the trip I was more interested in reading than knitting. How on earth can you sip a mojito or piña colada with both hands on knitting needles? A book was a much more logical choice for that, not to mention booze really messes with my gauge.

However, sock #3 saw the beach briefly:


And sock #4 went to the Chichen Itza (I got a whole lot done in 6 hours on a bus as you can see 🙂 )and also enjoyed the glorious ocean view at our hotel:


Notice how bent over the trees are? That wind is the reason we could not go snorkeling the whole trip. The seas were so rough that the harbor was closed for 3 days.

We saw large lizards on the hotel grounds on the warm days. Iguanas, maybe? On our last day there we went on a quick iguana hunt and found this one on one side of the pool:  


And this one over by the spa:


I am glad I packed very little knitting this time. I worked on part of a bootie on the airplane but wasn’t too motivated. On the ride home, my seat’s light bulb was out so it was too dark to see what I was doing with the black yarn (non-traditional bootie) even though Mr. MmmYarn kindly suffered through having his light on for me. Knitting-wise, it was a vacation. Probably good for the wrists.

I like other textiles besides knitting and was excited to look for Mexican embroidery on our trip. I did try but as we only took an organized bus tour, when the bus stopped we only got to see a real tourist trap of a market, offering some handmade items selling for a pittance but catering to the “I went here and all I got was this t-shirt” crowd, meaning a rough embroidered Chichen Itza or an “I heart Mexico” logo. It was too bad, really, as my local library has some great books on Mexican textiles so I know what can be found.

I am always on the lookout for great signs and the red “Severe Weather Area” sign outside all the restrooms (and only the restrooms; we looked for them elsewhere and did not find them) in the Dallas / Ft. Worth airport made me grin:

Dallas / Fort Worth airport

Perhaps they mean to imply one is in danger of a tornado only whilst using the facilities? Yikes! My guess is it’s the only place they could think of to put these things to ensure visitors actually read the warning about turbulent atmospheric conditions in Texas.

I got my Ravelry invitation a month ago but hesitated joining as the name “mmmyarn” was already taken. Weird, as a Google search back then yielded me as the only mmmyarn out there at that time. Searching yesterday, I found another blog with this name! But mine is older, hehehe. Anyway, I finally signed up on Ravelry last night as “mmmyarn1,” so look for me there under that name. So far I haven’t put much in there, mostly my books, but it is an interesting site.