Last night I couldn’t stand the sight of the 3 pairs of socks in progress and instead dug out Barbara Walker’s first treasury and some linen I brought to the top of the stash some months ago. I knew I wanted bold lengthwise stripes and finally chose feather faggot stitch. Here is what I had at the end of my bus ride this morning:


And tonight I decided I did not like it, so I unraveled it and cast on for take 2, this time with hot pink on both sides and black in the middle. It is now almost back to the length it was this morning but you will need to wait for a photo as it is dark here now.

This is my first time working with linen (how did that happen? I’ve been knitting for years and years) and I can confirm it does soften as you work with it. The bit that I unraveled and am now knitting with a second time is far softer and pliable than the skein I did not use yet. And it continues to soften as it is worn and washed. Amazing stuff.

A few hours of my time got sucked into the black hole of Ravelry the other night. I put in my recently-completed Monkey socks, then spent time admiring the many other Monkeys listed in Ravelry. Incredible, how beautiful and different they all look, just by virtue of being made in different yarns. It had the unfortunate effect of making me want to immediately shop for gorgeous sock yarns but I refrained. After all, I shopped for sock yarn just last week (1 skein of Trekking color 158, luscious!) and, more importantly, Stitches West is next month…