The original title of this post was “2007 finished items,” but I realized that was a bit of an exaggeration. I did not finish quite so many items. Here is the photo collage (made in about 30 seconds using Picasa) of what I did accomplish:


This is 47 items finished in 2007: 3 bags, 5 pairs of booties, 2 cage cozies, 15 hats, a mini Danish Skra-Troje sweater, 11 scarves, 1 shawl, 6 pairs of socks, 2 baby sweaters and a child’s vest. And only 4 of these items were made from published patterns. I see now that one of the scarves is in the collage twice; maybe Picasa thought it needed to fill in the gap as I was short a photo for this arrangement?

This list does not include two larger items I made but didn’t quite finish: the purple cotton sweater still needs buttons and the Lily of the Valley shawl needs 4 ends woven in and to be blocked. Ah, procrastination. It also omits the three bags I made for my submission to Knitty which I may not show on the blog at this time. And, as every knitter knows, it does not count the many starts and unravelings made in the course of a knitting year. All in all, an item a week. Wow. I obviously enjoy variety.

I did not meet my goal of spinning up one bundle fiber per month, but spinning made a good show in 2007 with 7 bundles spun plus a couple of small experimentals:


The 4-ply is still in progress. Sigh.  

I did well in Knit From Your Stash 2007, which I began after Stitches West in February. While I did buy a little yarn, I think fewer than 10 skeins, most of what I made this year was from my stash. I find it incredible that I made 52 items and still have LOTS of stash left over. Perhaps in 2008 I should focus on larger items, although I think 52 small items (1 per week) might use about the same amount of yarn as 12 big items (1 per month), don’t you think?