Take 2 never got to be photographed. It was the same width as the first two-panel attempt, and about 8 inches into it I realized there was no way this was going to be a wrap as I don’t have enough yarn so I unraveled again and cast on with fewer stitches.

A scarf it is. Here is what it looked like this morning:


It is much longer tonight. Looking at it now, the color placement reminds me a little of 1980s-inspired exercise wear. Thank goodness I am not knitting with spandex.

Oddly, the black is much more pliable than the pink although both yarns are Louet Euroflax with the same weight and yardage per skein, at least according to the labels. I have read that different colors in the same yarn can feel very different because of the different dyes used and this seems to be such a yarn.