This photo shows the beginnings of a fuzzy sweater, at least:


The yarn is Berroco Memoirs, fuzzy and beautifully dyed. It’s a blend of mostly wool and mohair so it will be nice and warm.  

I am trying a simultaneous top-down set-in sleeve as described in Barbara Walker’s Knitting from the Top, hence the calculator and gauge ruler in the photo. So far it is going great. I am almost done with the sleeve cap increases and it both fits me when I try it on and matches the size of the commercially-knitted sweater I am using as my model. Two nights ago I had to unravel back to nearly the point in the photo above as my sleeve decreases were too close together, but am now almost back to the armpits again.

Huh? The Icelandic yoke sweater? What Icelandic yoke sweater? 🙂