As it’s Valentine’s Day, I wanted to show you something red. I realize you saw this item just a few days ago, but the red Squiggle hat has a happy owner, so today’s blog post is brought to you by our super-cute niece (yes, we here at MmmYarn are biased).  

When Mr. MmmYarn and I visited his parents over the weekend, his sister, brother-in-law, and their daughter were there, too. Our little niece spotted the hat crumpled in my hand as I was taking it outside to photograph it again and pointed it out to her mother, saying “hat.” How on earth she knew it was a hat in that state I’ll never know. Once I came in she wanted to try it on. And it looks great on her:


She also flipped it inside out and wore it with the red side out and the ribbing turned up so some of the Squiggle stuck out the bottom. I never knew it was so versatile.


She decided to keep it. Her mom says she talks a lot about her aunt and the hat.

On the way home we briefly stopped by my mom’s. The socks? All too short. Rats. I will need to re-do the toes on all six of them.

At Monday night knitting group I started something new. This is this week’s bus knitting in progress:


Any guesses as to what it is? And no cheating by looking it up on Flickr!