The Kneedler brings up an interesting topic this week: signs that one may be overly obsessed with knitting.

Mounds of yarn and piles of knitting and fiber-related books about our apartment, an obvious sign of some sort of knitting obsession, notwithstanding, three of her observations really ring true for me.

1. I have often spotted someone on the bus or on the sidewalk untangling yarn and felt that momentary spark of excitement at finding a kindred spirit, only to be crushed by the realization the “yarn” is headphone cabling. Once it was a teenager stretching her gum that caused that feeling.

2. For a while (read “several years”) I stored my sleeping bag in the trunk of my car because there was not enough space in the closet to store it there. Why so little closet space? Why, yarn, of course. I’d rather have my yarn, the thing I use daily, in the house. I only used the sleeping bag a couple of times a year, plus its location had a safety benefit: if the car broke down, I had something warm to wrap up in. Of course, the car never broke down. And, of course, without yarn in the trunk I would have been really bored in my broken-down car. I have never stored an ongoing travel knitting project in the car, preferring instead to choose one for each outing.

3. And I, too, do not count my handspun yarn as stash. It sits in its own zippered bags on top of the store-bought stuff, so I see it every single time I root around for something to knit (= at least twice a week), but my brain just overlooks it. I also don’t inventory it in my stash spreadsheet. It’s somehow too special to knit with just yet.

Back to preparing for Stitches West, which is next week. Yay! I am still working on my list of things to look for in the Market.