My sister-in-law and stepsister-in-law are both expecting little ones in late summer and early fall so I decided to get a jump start on small gifts.

First, I’m using up my leftover black and pink linen to make washcloths for the moms-to-be, my reasoning that they get tons of gifts for the babies but none for themselves. However, the finished squares are more diamonds than the intended squares:


Trust me, that pink one is as tall as it is wide (twice as many rows as stitches) but it really looks short of the mark here. They’re both garter stitch and apparently this linen does not like that. I am going to run both through the washer and dryer to see what happens. Most likely they will stay biased and I will need to wet them down again and block them forcefully into shape. I don’t mind if they’re skewed after they have been used but for presentation purposes I want them to look good. I made another black one in 4×4 knit-purl basketweave and that one did end up being a square.

A quick search through my box of finished items reveals a decided lack of baby things. My sister-in-law is too early along to tell which gender she will have; the stepsister-in-law’s first ultrasound showed boy parts but now they’re thinking girl. Perhaps the ultrasound technician was inexperienced and saw “amazing” boy parts, perhaps the umbilical cord? Who knows. It means I will need to make at least two boy items and two girl items to cover all the bases.

The first of the girl items is the Baby Surprise cardigan you saw a few days ago, started last Monday night and finished Friday on the bus:


It’s always amazing to me how that amorphous mess turns into such a cute little sweater with a few flips of the wrist. I took it to Monday night knitting to let the ladies marvel at Elizabeth Zimmermann’s brilliant origami puzzle so I hadn’t sewn the seams yet in this photo. Here’s the preview:


Buttons are on it now, too, and a good photo is coming once there is a break in the rain.

In the meantime, my little EZ kick is continuing and I am working on a February Baby Sweater in the same yarn as above.  Therefore also girly. Hmm, where is that Stitches West list? I need to add boy yarns to it.