I made these washcloths on the fly while riding the bus during February:


Patterns: own
Yarn: Louet Sales Euroflax Originals, 100% linen, black is color 18-2223-17, pink is 18-1234-1
Needles: size 4

The patterns are one of each color in knit-purl 4×4 basketweave, one black in garter stitch with a yarn over edging (that doesn’t show at all in the photo), and one pink in garter stitch with knit 4, yarn over, knit 2 together every other row.

I had mentioned before how the linen is tough on my hands. It’s amazing how much softer and pliable these washcloths got after running through the washer and dryer. I sent the striped scarf through, too, to make it more attractive to a recipient/buyer. All of these items needed a steam blocking afterward as they were a bit rumpled.

It makes me wonder whether in future I should send the linen hanks through the washer and dryer before trying to knit with them. That would be easier on my hands, I should think. I frequently send hanks of cotton through both cycles (after securely tying them in 8 places and putting them in a lingerie bag) before knitting with them. Linen can’t be any different, but please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

Also done this week — purple baby booties:


Pattern: own
Yarn: Brown Sheep Wildfoote, 75% washable wool, 25% nylon, color Sy-17 Purple Splendor
Needles: size 2
Size: newborn to 9 months

We had cold rains again just a week ago (I got soaked walking to the car at Stitches West) but this week the magnolia (?) tree in the park seems to think it is finally spring:


Spring means maybe getting a new short-sleeved shirt. Neither of these is appropriate for work, but I really want a YARRRN t-shirt and I need to restrain myself as I just bought a spinning wheel t-shirt. Not to mention buying all the Stitches West goodies last week. Fortunately, the YARRRN folks are out of my size, making it easier to resist.