Jury duty ran pretty much all day yesterday. Oddly, they called in the bulk of the potential jurors rather early on, but for the remaining 7 of us it was just sitting around and listening to the nice folks say “we don’t need you yet” every couple of hours. By lunchtime I finished a quarter of my book and had this:


By the time my group was finally excused at 3:20pm I had finished more than half my book, finished the dark teal booties, and had another bootie more than half done. The finished ones look like this:


Pattern: own
Yarn: Lang Yarns JaWoll Superwash; 75% superwash wool, 18% nylon, 7% acrylic; color 83.0088
Needles: size 2
Size: newborn to 6 months

I had hoped to make another lace scarf yesterday but swatching late Sunday night just didn’t work out, so booties it was. I still don’t know what to do with the yarn I intended for the scarf. It is a single 250-yard skein of Louet Sales Kidlin Pixie and because of the linen content it’s stiff so I’m having a hard time deciding what to do with it. I have a feeling nothing is going to look too nice until it is washed and blocked. It’s going to go back in the stash for now.

As far as the blog is concerned, the time change is great. It means I can take photos of finished and in progress items after work and not only on weekends.