The little bag I started Monday simply wasn’t turning out. I didn’t like how it looked and also didn’t like working it. I think I’ll stick with potholders and edges on knitted items when it comes to crocheting. I gave the yarn away to someone who can use it.

A sock in Trekking XXL color #158 is underway and looking mighty nice, if I may say so. I like the bright colors. This is the best in-progess photo I could get on moving public transit:


That spiral is simply a traveling twisted stitch. I’m not sure it’s going to be enough to hold the sock up on my leg. The cuff fits, I can get it on over my leg, but I’ll need to knit the entire cuff before I can weigh in on stay-up-ability.

We’re visiting my parents this weekend. I hope I hope I hope those 3 pairs of socks I made my mom fit her this time around.