After much swatching, I gave up and found a pattern I really liked for my Trekking color #158:


The spiral I was trying just didn’t turn out. I really liked the line it made down the cuff but that twisted stitch made the cuff really tight. I experimented with spacing it out more and with putting purl stitches before and after the knit. Neither idea worked. But Jaywalkers… I’ve admired those for a while and these are my first. Come to think of it, of the 60-ish pairs of socks I’ve made I think I have used a pattern only twice: I remember the Chalet Socks by Nancy Bush and Monkey by Cookie A. All the rest are simple rib patterns. Oddly, though, I’ve never been bored. The different colors of yarn apparently entertain me a lot. The colors of Trekking #158 definitely entertain me, and the Jaywalker pattern is so simple but interesting that sock #1 is at the foot already.

Now off to the yarn store to find another set of metal size 1 double-pointed needles.