No knitting or spinning content today, I’m afraid. Yesterday I went out to lunch with a friend and it turned into an all-day outing during which I knit half of one double-pointed needle worth of stitches on my sock and today Mr. MmmYarn and I went for a walk in the far west area of Golden Gate Park. Queen Wilhemina’s Tulip Gardens are in glorious bloom (we’ve been there a few times and have only seen dirt) so you get flower pictures today:



After we got back I had a long nap, then made cookies. So no knitting today, but progress will resume tomorrow when I’m on the bus to work again.

Oh, all right. A tiny bit of knitting content. While visiting the tulips I took a decent photo of the first shawl I ever made:


That’s Fiesta Yarn’s Famous Shawl pattern, made in La Boheme. I photographed it back when I made it but the photo was terrible. My photography skills have improved a little since then so I am re-snapping anything that has a bad photo.