Today I buckled down and finished the third ply of what I intend to be 4-ply yarn. Spinning was on hiatus a few months while it was simply too cold in the apartment to sit at the wheel (I can’t throw a blanket over my legs like I can when I’m knitting) so ply #3 took a long time. I am tempted to ply this and forget about #4 so I can finally move on to something else but I did go to the effort to split the fiber into fourths, so I will spin it. Here is what I have so far:


I thought I’d also show you photographic evidence that the Jaywalker socks are progressing. They are also at about the three-quarter mark:


And my little basil plant hasn’t committed pre-planting suicide after all:


Hahaha! Just kidding. We went out and bought this happy-looking plant today because my windowsill seedling still looks like this, some 8 weeks after planting and more than 2 weeks after sprouting:


Plus it is still the only seed to sprout in the tray. I continue to blame the other houseplants for this; they must have whispered to it to remain a seedling, for its own sake.

I just watched a video of the Running of the Wools. All I can say is that sure is a lot of sheep.