The little green sweater with white and tan stripes is finished. I found good buttons in my stash of buttons, too:


Pattern: own
Yarn: Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece; 80% cotton, 20% wool; 1/2 skein color CW-380 Dusty Sage (green), a bit of color CW-820 Teddy Bear (tan), and a bit of color CW-100 Cotton Ball (white)
Buttons: found in a store’s bin so no brand or item number
Needles: size 6 for body, size 4 for ribbing
Size: 20″ chest, so up to about 1 year old

I mitered the buttonband corners coming up the fronts and in retrospect I think I should have mitered the band the other way going around the neck on either side. It puckers just a little there, but I think once it’s worn the kid’s neck will fill in that space and smooth out the pucker.  

I was grateful for the time in the car over the weekend. It was just right for weaving in all those ends. Since the green was left over from a blanket I made more than a year ago, it’s in small butterflies of yarn so I had more ends to weave in than usual with this sweater.