I bought 2 skeins of Jamieson’s 2-Ply Spindrift a while back with plans to make a fair isle hat. Then Mr. MmmYarn saw the Luvtroja Mans sweater in an issue of Interweave Knits and asked that I make it for him. How coincidental that I just happened to have a skein of the exact shade of blue the pattern calls for.

So I began swatching. With a size 2 needle and had too many stitches per inch but the fabric felt pretty good. With a size 3 needle I got the gauge the pattern requires but the fabric is so floppy it may as well be a girly scarf. Definitely not suitable for a sweater. Hmm… I checked the yarn label and my yarn is labeled 25g, 150 yards. Checked the pattern and the Woodland Woolworks catalogue, checked Simply Shetland’s (the distributor of Jamieson’s) site, and a few other online shops. All said 25g, 115 yards, as does the pattern.

I emailed Simply Shetland and got a response in less than a day. Great customer service! The rep responded that before fall of 2005 the put-up was indeed 150 yards but those skeins weighed 28g, that now it is 115 yards to 25g, and that the thickness of the yarn has not changed. She suggested I go down in needle size. But if I do that, my gauge is going to be way off again. I don’t think the information I got from her is correct; my yarn is clearly labeled 25g and it’s not working up to a suitable fabric at gauge. This yarn has to be part of a thinner batch. I can’t imagine a designer designing a solid stockinette sweater that’s this floppy at the required gauge.

I contacted two Ravelers who used this yarn with their Luvtroja’s. One had no problems, the other mentioned a problem with skeins being two different sizes. So, I need to stop swatching with this stuff, order more, and confirm with the vendor that I’m getting a 115-yard skein this time. Grrr… The good news: if the new yarn is indeed in a 115-yard skein, the 150-yard skein can go back in my stash for the hat!

Mr. MmmYarn are going to an alpaca farm tomorrow. I’ll take the camera with me and maybe have photos to share Sunday.