After a week of knitting with mostly little needles at home and two-handed stranded knitting on the bus, yesterday I succumbed to the joy of simple garter stitch on medium needles. There’s not much to show yet, but it’s nice to work on something mindless for a bit. Although I can and do work lace and cables and other techniques I’ve heard other knitters call advanced doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy something simple, too:


Just two days ago I learned the Yarn Harlot was going to be speaking at the Maker Faire in San Mateo today, but I couldn’t stomach yet another day of driving after 5 weekends in a row with lots of driving. Not to mention the fuel bill. So we’re out getting haircuts and the scarf and I are waiting for my turn in the chair.

I still have to measure the washed Jamieson’s swatches which is probably what I’ll do tonight. But I have a feeling I might end up reading the new Interweave Knits that showed up in the mailbox instead.