After I started the black fuzzy scarf the other day I got worried I might run out of yarn during the commute and started a new project two days into it so I’d have a second traveling project to fall back on. Do you know that feeling? It turns out I needn’t have worried. The hat is already done:  


Pattern: own
Yarn: 3/4 skein Mission Falls 1824 Wool, 100% merino superwash, color LJ-5 (dark green) and a little bit of Wolle Roedel Universal Superwash 2-Color, 100% superwash merino wool, color 2284
Needles: size 4
Size: Toddler
Started May 2, 2008 and finished May 4, 2008

This quick little knit used up an odd skein of green yarn I had in the basket. This is the first time I have used 1824 Wool. It felt great in my hands. It’s soft and squashy and I can see myself using it again to make a toddler sweater or two.

A few nights ago I spun the last of the 4 singles needed for my 4-ply yarn and last night I sucked it up and plied it all. It was not a good night for plying. I came home grouchy after fighting all day with inanimate objects that refuse to do my bidding (I work in I.T.), then circling around the neighborhood for more than 20 minutes to find a parking spot (street sweepers on Thursday morning mean you can’t park on that side of the street Wednesday night). However, watching those 4 singles turn into one cohesive yarn was a beautiful sight, both relaxing and amazing.

Plying took 2.75 hours. I haven’t measured yet but gauging by the crick in my neck and cramp in my left hand, I’d say I have over 250 yards. Luckily I have two tensioned kates that can each hold 3 bobbins. Here is my high-tech two-kate setup for plying 4 strands:


Notice the dining chair legs are exactly the right width to hold the Lendrum kate and the Lendrum kate does a great job holding the other one.  My kates limit me to 6 singles but considering I have only 4 gaps between fingers on my left hand (I run each singles through its own gap to prevent tangles) I don’t see myself attempting a 6-ply anytime soon. More details on this project, including glamor shot and final yardage, to follow.

How about a preview?