I knew going into making these socks that JitterBug’s yardage was a wee bit short for socks, so I made the legs a little shorter than usual. It looks as though I may not have made them short enough:


The foot on each sock needs about another half an inch before I start the toe. And that little pile of yarn is all that’s left. Tomorrow I will alternate knitting a few rounds on each sock so I can determine how many rounds of the leg to unravel when I unravel all the way back past the heels. At least this will give me bus knitting for the week.

In scary fiber news, I have seen a few moths (!) fluttering in the room the computer is in, the same room that holds all my spinning fiber and a few of my finished felted bags. Now, the moths don’t hold still long enough for me to identify them as wool/clothes moths and a few moths did come out of the basil plant I bought, so I’m hoping they’re some sort of plant moth. But that may be delusional thinking.