I am sorry to say this project is for a family member:


Pattern: Knit Chemo Cap and Scarf by Berroco, Inc.
Yarn: nearly 1 skein Berroco Chinchilla, 100% rayon, color 5567 (Note: the pattern states 2 skeins, but you need only 1 for the hat. The other skein is for the scarf in the pattern.)
Needles: size 9
Size: 19″ around and 7.5″ tall
Started 5/27/2008 and finished 5/28/2008

The yarn took over a week to get here and I felt guilty about the delay, especially as the recipient had gone hat-shopping recently and it was a bust, and I finally had something I knew I could do that would be useful to her. Seven local yarn shops, and none of them carry it. The yarn arrived Tuesday and I swatched and cast on that night, then knitted the whole thing save the bind-off round on the bus yesterday. I mailed it off to her this morning. I hope it fits. She is doing pretty well, but the circumstances still mean she will need a hat (or a few hats) for a while yet.

While I wait for her to receive hat #1 and comment on its fit, I put in some work on re-knitting Mr. MmmYarn’s socks. Sock #1 is nearing the toe, then I need to unravel sock #2. I won’t bore you with photos as they look nearly exactly the same as they did a few days ago when you last saw them.