I had made a promise to myself, that even though I could not attend the WWKIP Day event in Union Square in San Francisco, that I’d at least KIP a little on my own. Well, I did not. Mr. MmmYarn and I went away to Sonoma for the weekend and I did not knit once on the trip. We were just too busy. First getting there, then the wine tasting (Mr. MmmYarn volunteered to be chauffeur, which means I had prime conditions for tasting but after we visited two wineries conditions were no longer ideal for maintaining gauge, if you know what I mean, so I didn’t even try), then walking to dinner and a bit more wine, and finally collapsing, exhausted, at 9:45pm in my case. Sunday began at 3:40am. We had to be at the Santa Rosa Airport by 5:00am to meet the hot air ballooning people. Sunrise found us out in a field, with Mr. MmmYarn helping set up the balloon and me watching. The balloon pilot did not welcome extra objects on board the teensy basket so the hat in progress was right out; no knitting in the air photos for me. So, between this, that, and the other thing, there was no knitting.

Tiny basket with no room for knitting:


When we got home yesterday I worked on my green Memoirs sweater and sleeve #2 is just about done, and the green Squiggle hat is nearing completion. A day off was good. No WIP photos as the weather is very grey and windy.