A few weeks ago, I ripped my top-down Memoirs sweater back to the armhole shaping (this included ripping both nearly-finished sleeves) because the armholes were too deep. Then I knitted the body and sleeves again. Last Monday at knitting group, I ripped back because I didn’t start the waist shaping where I was supposed to. I had gotten into a groove and just knitted round and round without paying attention, thus more ripping.

Since then I worked on the body, this time with the waist shaping, and brought the body down to the point at which I need to start the ribbing.  I tried it on and even Mr. MmmYarn agreed it looked rather, uh, bunchy. So I brought the sweater to knitting group again tonight and the ladies agreed the bunchy look was caused by width. Apparently I was under the delusion of having an ample bust when I made my calculations and the too-low armholes hid that fact because the whole thing was weird. This thing has at least 4 inches too much fabric across my chest. I’ll have to try it on once more to see what the back looks like. I was so worked up about the front bunching up that I didn’t bother to look there.

I realize it’s a bulky yarn which will produce a bulky sweater that’s not supposed to be super form-fitting, but I do want it to look nice on me. And I realize this project is meant to be a challenge as it’s my first go at a Barbara Walker set-in sleeve from the top down.

At some point the challenge ceases to be fun. The bunchiness means I’ll be ripping back yet again. All that body, both sleeves once more, and back probably halfway to three-quarters of the way up the armhole shaping so I can figure in the revised width. Once I get the courage to do so. In the meantime, here it is against a different background than last time, just to prove it isn’t the same photo:


The good news is the yarn appears to be holding up well to all this abuse.