I was really taken with Stringativity’s fruit socks when she posted those and they stuck in my mind from the time I read that post. Yesterday morning when I got up I knew I would be going downtown later and I decided my mid-morning snack of an apple needed some wooly protection (fits in the purse better than a plastic container, plus it’s collapsible when empty), so I whipped up a fruit sock of my own before I left the house. Mine’s in a worsted weight yarn:


Pattern: own
Yarn: Mountain Colors Hand-Painted Yarns 4/8’s Wool, 100% wool, color: Deep Grape
Needles: size 5
Finished size: a couple of small plums to large apple (the ribbing is stretchy)
Started and finished 7/4/2008

I am happy to report the apple traveled well. There was no bruising and no stray lint adhesion. Plus just looking at it in its cozy makes me smile.

Here’s how I made it: I started with 4 stitches, increased out to 8 on the next round, then did an 8-point increase on every other round until I had something that looked big enough (turns out it was 48 stitches). At that point I switched to k2 p2 ribbing. It turns out the roundness of an apple really sucks up length of ribbing. I had to make the ribbing a full 4 inches tall to completely cover my test apple. I then worked one round of k2 yo p2tog to create eyelets. The next three rounds I worked evenly spaced increases because I wanted a ruffled top. The last step was to braid a short cord so my apple could be snugly tied into its cosy.

Here is the ruffled top all tied up. It reminds me a little of a flower: