The blue scarf is done and as someone in my knitting group wanted the pattern, I wrote it up and put it in the sidebar. Although it was sunny yesterday, the wind was still too much for a lightweight scarf. It’s hard to take a decent photo of a swiftly moving object. At first Mr. MmmYarn held the scarf in place so it wouldn’t whirl around quite so much:


But then I remembered our camera has a rapid-fire setting to take many photos in quick succession and came up with a good photo among many, many wind-blown ones. A supportive bush was also helpful in accomplishing the task:


Pattern: own: Rising Bubbles, available as a free PDF download in the sidebar
Yarn: 1 skein Louet Sales Kidlin Pixie Lace Weight (50g and 250 yards per skein); 49% linen, 35% kid mohair, 16% nylon; color 65-1162-3 Flag Blue
Needles: size 4
Size: 6″ x 53″ before blocking, 7″ x 65″ after blocking
Started 6/22/2008 and finished 7/3/2008

This is an easy garter stitch scarf, no purling at all. The diagonal yarn over pattern is worked only on even-numbered rows so this makes great mindless knitting once you either understand the pattern or have it memorized.

The linen in Kidlin Pixie made this scarf a little stiffer than I like, but washing it made it more pliable. I made a couple of these scarves in Crystal Place Kid Merino and Rowan Kidsilk Spray last year. Here are the photos again so you can see what Rising Bubbles looks like in variegated yarns:



Coming tomorrow to help those of you new to working with yarn overs, a tutorial on how to tell where you are in the pattern.